Cafe Evergreen

We Serve The Healthy Food

Cafe Evergreen is located in old manali near the bridge. At CAFE EVERGREEN we serve fresh & healthy food to our guests like Indian food, Chinese food, Israeli food , American food, Italian food etc. We have river side sitting facilities. The river side sitting area is the most popular area of our cafe. The view from our cafe is very beautiful the mountain and forest view is very mesmerizing. We also serve the veg & non-veg foods. Our most popular dishes are Trout Fish  and Steak.

Some Of Our Popular Dishes

Trout Fish -Tondoori & Fried
Israeli Food -Falafel
Chinese Food -Hakka Noodles
Indian Food -Butter Chicken
Sizzler -Chicken Sizzler
Starter Veg -French Fry
Non Veg -Fish Finger
Dessert -Hello to the Queenss

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